The Light, The Heat

Balmy day. Sweltering stroller walk downtown for a cold drink this afternoon. I haven’t felt it this hot, here, since I was two months secretly pregnant with Baby and we visited our current city during a heat wave. The nausea was coming on, and, remembering my last pregnancy, I smoked weed every morning to calm the morning sickness that might give away my condition. Continue reading “The Light, The Heat”


Six, One, Sixteen

Today’s the first of June. We can officially move into our new house today – although it’ll drag on for a few days, as our schedules allow. We hadn’t even paid the first rent, two days ago, and she handed us keys. It’s all been pretty magical. It’s a lovely, historic, sprawling, frankly ridiculous sort of a property; ridiculous for our price range and life circumstances, anyhow. And it’s been so long since we lived in a Place.

Continue reading “Six, One, Sixteen”