About Chance

It’s a fake name.

I’m a write-at-home parent, most days. I don’t blog full-time; my calling lies in short and long-form fiction, and this blog in particular is a side project, like my photography addiction.

I am a career shopgirl, having worked retail since ’04 and sex retail since ’07. It’s a particular set of skills and I’ve been lucky enough to find several very wonderful, woman-centered, queer-owned and -operated, gender-inclusive, you-get-the-picture-awesome companies to fit in with! I’ve also worked for some places with far fewer positive adjectives. (I promise not to provide any identifying details.)

About This Blog

I’m fascinated by the intersection between my work as a sex educator and my work as a parent of young children. There’s a lot there. Especially, my focus on consent within parenting has been heavily informed by my experiences in sex retail (and my experiences in sex).

My product reviews come from an industry perspective, and I generally don’t write about the particulars of my sexual experiences. I’m always more interested in how a product sells, and since I don’t personalize the toy experience when I’m talking to a customer, I won’t tend to do it here.

It’s also a place to vent, rawly, about anti-married life with my partner. Our story is essentially “True Life: Knocked Up”; our first date “anniversary” is also the date our first child was conceived. Someday she’ll figure this out, and before she does, I have some things to work out in my own mind about it. I share my life with someone I got to know very, very quickly, with whom the stakes of misunderstanding each other have been high, and someone I’m still getting to know in many interesting ways.

Chance and consequence is about the little thingsĀ  – serendipitous meetings, sperm and egg cells – that split the timeline and bring us into our lives as they are now. Thanks for reading.