Cannabis Chocolate Surprise

I made a ridiculous batch of edibles yesterday. 

I’m a big fan of Kiva’s smooth chocolate bars, and though I can’t reasonably aspire to their production value, I hoped I could produce something that would be as sweet, smooth, lickable, and strong. The jury is out on strength — I’ve been carefully chipping away at it, taking 3 tiny doses throughout the day, and haven’t found it overly trippy —  but I sure do like how it tastes. It’s thick, sugary, salty as hell, crumbly, and starts to melt as soon as it’s out of the fridge – a delicious hot mess. 

The (weird, I admit) key? Bacon fat. Yes, yes indeed. I simmered my decarbed weed (mostly shake and some bud, all finely ground, from our first homegrown Skywalker plant) in bacon fat and olive oil; strained through muslin; then swirled that mixture into a melange of melted chocolate that included, very importantly, tablets of Mexican mocha. That sea-salt-(but-actually-bacon)-and-olive-oil flavor swirled into rich cinnamon chocolate is the perfect confusing mixture to distract your buds from the strong green. 

And I now have weed chocolates! Delicious little chocolates that, although I’m not tripping balls, have a solid effect. Skywalker is a lovely indica that’s been great for my back pain and also slams the hell out of my ADHD and writer’s block. I have a day-long train trip upcoming and will be glad for the opportunity to find out how this particular medicine works for motion sickness and plain boredom. 


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